The Pioneers Association Journal is issued quarterly and is our way of keeping in touch with members all over the world. The Association was inaugurated in 1935 and there has always been a continuing membership of several hundred, not all of whom live in metropolitan Adelaide. We now boast approximately 700 subscribers, some of whom are interstate and some that are overseas. A good proportion live in rural and remote areas throughout the country.   
For the most part articles concentrate on the time span between the late 1820's up until the middle 1840's. This provides our readership with some understanding as to why their forebears came to Australia and how the process of systematic colonization, as proposed by Edward Gibbon Wakefield, led to their emigration. Of equal interest too are the trials and tribulations of settling a new country that many endured, sometimes with limited resources. Here, we are sometimes treated, to anecdotal information of a personal nature that is both comforting and edifying. We are continually surprised by the new material which surfaces from time to time and members are indebted to those families who have kept such good records and who are now prepared to share them with others.    
The Journal is for all members and we invite contributions that are consistent with the Association's aims and objectives. If you wish to submit items for publication, either post to our headquarters at Basement, Stafford House, 23-25 Leigh Street, Adelaide or email to    


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The Journal is available to libraries and to the public at a modest cost of $5.00 plus postage



In March 2012, the first edition of an electronic newsletter was distributed to members on the PASA email list.


The advent of this newsletter was a direct result of feedback received from the 2011 survey of members and in order to support more regular communication between the Council and members.


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